May 2016

Very nice approach to enhance learning with multiple modalities utilized throughout the Level I training. Relaxed, Calm and comfortable atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed the class & Gina's welcoming presence and approach.

May 2016

Well taught, from the Heart...Totally prepared, knowledgeable, relaxed, patient and thorough. Very well taught. Great Environment.

October 2017

Thank you - easy manner of instruction that made sense and clear understanding.

Patricia Parsons, CO, Sept 2018

This Training is profound in "Less is More", the confirmation of techniques and being able to be in a professional "Real Setting", working as a practitioner. This added an aspect I think is a great piece and so Important to integrate everything and solidify within; all the elements involved.

Giving us space to experience giving a sound concert instilled confidence to just "Let it Flow" and "Shine our Light"!

Deb Sommerhalder WI Sept 2018

The training was by far more powerful than I had ever imagined it would be. Personally I have cleared blockages from my heart and feel open and in touch with my truth. I am more confident and so blessed to be able to share the Peter Hess Sound Massage Method of less is more!