The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowl is of a quality that is almost nowhere available on the market. This singing bowl is based on the experiences having been made with the Peter Hess sound massage since 1984 and having been consequently implemented during the development of the singing bowls. For this process, we have built up own workshops. Production is controlled by corresponding experts, among others by an experienced metal engineer. Consequent control processes guarantee compliance with our high quality demands.

Therapeutic Peter Hess® Singing Bowls

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Pro-Set Therapeutic phSET-40 Peter Hess® Universal, Heart Bowl Large, Pelvic Bowl Large

Pro Set for use by Certified Peter Hess Practitioners. Specifically made for on the body sound and vibration therapy.

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Peter Hess® Joint/Universal

The term universal bowl hints that this singing bowl has an especially varied spectrum of sound. Depending on the size and hardness of the mallet, this singing bowl produces a great variety of sounds. With its extensive sound offer, this singing bowl can cater to the whole body , and is therefore especially suited for beginners. Furthermore, this singing bowl excels in vibration and is thus particularly suited for use at the reflex zones of hands and feet, and at the joints – hence the term, “joint bowl .” With its intense vibration, it has an outstanding releasing effect on tension and “blockages.” Its sound is often described as “eventful.”

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Peter Hess® Large Heart Bowl

Peter Hess® Small Heart

This singing bowl, with higher pitched sounds, activates mainly the heart area and upper back. Here, too, different mallets are used to optimize the sound for particular sections of the body. The sound of this singing bowl is often described as “clear and fair.”

The small heart bowl originally was made for work with children; however, it can – during an individually designed sound massage – also be an asset when working with adults. The heart bowl's frequency range, depending on the mallet used, stretches from 200 to 1,200 Hz. Since the heart area is a very sensitive part of the body, this bowl was designed to allow for more gentle vibrational characteristics.

The sound level of a singing bowl ranges – depending on its type, the mallets and on how vigorously it is played – from 50 to 100 dB. The relatively high number of dB that can be reached is the reason why singing bowls should be played very gently during sound massage, especially when used near the head and ears.

Peter Hess® Small Pelvic/Belly

There are small and large belly bowls. The small belly bowl is used with children or with people that perceive the large belly bowl as too heavy.

The small belly bowl features a rather delicate brim, and has a weight of about 1,500 grams (small) with a diameter of 25-26cm