Sound Massage Level II


Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level II

During this training module, we will build upon the basic applications of the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage.

The focus of the Level I training course was on the physical body, during the Level II training course, we will move from working on the body to the bio-energetic field, also referred to as the aura that surrounds our body.

You will refine and emphasize your awareness and appreciation of this energy field. You will expand your sensitivity of our body energetics and the effect of sound frequencies and its corresponding vibrations. You will develop your focus on the “power of consciousness”, the mental focus and inner attitude which is the base — the summation and the wholeness — of our method and our actions as a Sound Massage practitioner. The seminar contents expand the resonant capabilities and enable intuitive action based on intense personal experience in individual and group situations as well as the technical and theoretical level.

Course Objective:

The curriculum incorporates the use of therapy “grade” singing bowls and gongs where the student will learn how to work in the human energy field to clean, strengthen and harmonize the subtle body, strengthening health in the holistic sense —as without, so within and vice versa.

  • Prerequisite: Level I
  • Hours of Study: 16
  • Lecturer: Gina Armstrong
  • Upon completing this level, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Course descriptions for Level II:

Course descriptions for Level II:

  • The aura, the human energy field, and it’s significance in sound work.
  • Awareness and sensing of the energy field through our hands
  • Sensing of the energy field through the sound of singing bowls and gongs
  • Applications of the singing bowls and gongs in the aura, aura painting, and packing
  • Principles of grounding through sound
  • Cleansing, strengthening and harmonizing the aura with fen gongs
  • Practicing new elements with basic sound massage