A Message from Peter Hess

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Dear Sound Enthusiast, and the Sound Massage Student!

1984 was the birth of the sound massage. Since then, several thousand people from different professions were trained in the Peter Hess-sound massage. The sound massage has steadily developed over this period, so that we can for 2009, offer an ever widening choice of education, training seminars.

We further developed since, as the leader of the sound massage in Germany and Europe: we offer more training and practical qualifications and we also have a new name and new logo. We wish for our new name “Peter Hess Institut” to be the source of learning and quality for the sound massage.

A main focus for us is still a qualified basic training in the Peter Hess-sound massage. Practical experiences and latest research findings are incorporated into our training. Correspondingly high expectations for our seminar leaders who, only after an extensive training, receive the authorisation for our training seminars. The teaching of staff at our institute guarantee their long professional careers and wide range of qualifications for the high quality of our seminars.

The sound massage is first and foremost a method of relaxation, but in the hands of a professional can be used very specifically in education, counselling, therapy or medicine.

The numerous publications of the Peter Hess publishing house offer practical insights here, and our broad development program allows professionals from different areas, a specific enhancement of their skills and a professional qualification in the use of sounds.

On behalf of all staff of the Peter Hess Institut, I thank you for your interest in the Peter Hess-sound massage. We would like to meet you at one of our events! And we look forward to the reunion with old friends from education and training.


Peter Hess